Branche Évasion team
welcomes you to the heart of the forest.

16 parcours
190 jeux en hauteur
2,5 km de tyroliennes
6 niveaux

Our adventure park will allow you to climb and evolve in trees in complete safety thanks to the continuous lifeline. One of the largest park in Rhône-Alpes, on 3 hectares in a magnificent oak wood, more than 220 activities, all levels for all people from 2 to 99 years old.

Our courses are realized in self-belaying, however if you need help, our operators are there to help you.

For the youngest

A Baby area, specially designed for the youngest, from 2 years old. Perfect for a first approach to the material and to work on balance.

The “slightly older” have access to the Junior area, ideal for 5-8 years old. 3 yellow courses, accessible from 1m10, to know its first zip lines and its first sensations in height, going up to 3 meters high.

For families

3 green courses, accessible to everyone from 1.20m, with a few zip lines. To continue your ascent, 5 blue courses, up to 11 meters high, with many long zip lines and an increasing difficulty.

For sporty people

3 red courses, maximum height and thrills, giving access to the longest zip lines (up to 200 meters).

The fearless try the 3 difficult black courses to test their physical abilities. Dare the real Tarzan jump.


Reception and equipment

At the reception point, the concept adapted to your age is suggested. After payment, you are equipped with a harness including what is needed for the activities (lanyards, carabiners and pulley). For your comfort, gloves are also available for sale.

Briefing, duration 15 min

In small groups, you watch a video explaining the safety rules and how the equipment works (subtitling available in English and Spanish). Then, each completes the initiation course under the supervision of an instructor who validates the acquisition of the instructions and gives you advice if necessary.
No initiation for access to the Baby, only a few instructions given verbally by a monitor.

Access to the courses

Now it’s your turn ! The courses are accessible to everyone independently. The operators carry out rounds on the ground to ensure your progression in height. The average duration of the courses varies between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the level.
Your access to the park is without time limit, within the limit of our opening hours.

Our advices

Sports shoes recommended. Flip-flops and heels prohibited. Hair tied (scrunchies are available at reception).
Last departure: 2 hours before closing time.