We adapt to your request

Special days for schools, sports clubs, leisure centers, works councils, we offer tailor-made activity packages according to your budgets and needs. Branche Évasion is equipped with a video briefing which reduces the waiting time to start the activity.

We offer regressive rates depending on the number of participants:

  • From 10 to 19 persons -10 %.

  • From 20 to 34 persons -15 %.

  • From 35 to 59 persons -20 %.

  • From 60 and + persons -25 %.

School groups, leisure centers and specialized establishments

Free for companions at-height from 35 persons.

Courses adapted to different class and age levels, allowing you to acquire:

  • Autonomy.

  • Learning self-confidence and surpassing oneself.

  • Compliance with safety rules.


Provide at least 1 adult for 8 children, for non-activity needs (toilets and others). Adults must supervise the children around the course.

Employee representative committee.

At Branche Évasion, you will find group or family conviviality, relaxation in the heart of nature and well-being through a sporting activity.

  • Possibility of buying at group rates.

  • Possibility of organizing seminars in partnership with a reception structure close to the park (restaurant + rooms equipped with multimedia).

Groups with family or friends

You will find at Branche Évasion, conviviality in a group or with the family, relaxation in the heart of nature and well-being through a sporting activity. It is better to book before coming if you are more than 10 participants.

  • Birthday: possibility of a birthday snack (cake + drinks + sweets + digital invitation cards + free entry for the child) with a supplement of 40 €.

  • Bachelor Party (Girl or Boy’s): from 8 practitioners, one free entry for the bride or groom!


Send us an email at: branche.evasion@gmail.com specifying the date, time of your arrival and how many persons are you.