It’s quality commitment! By welcoming you
to our park, we are committed …

Customer safety

  • Provide quality personal protection equipment that complies with applicable standards.

  • Check the installation of the harnesses on each customer by an operator.

  • Explain all the safety instructions during a video briefing (subtitling available in English and Spanish).

  • Validate that these instructions are assimilated during an initiation course.

  • Ensure periodic supervision of the courses.

  • Intervene at-height in case of difficulty (evacuation).

  • Proceed to regulatory displays: diplomas, fees, internal regulations, etc.

  • Take out professional liability insurance.

  • Be declared to the Ministry of Sports as a sports establishment.

Maintenance and upkeep

  • Our park is controlled by ALTISECURITE and meets the safety standards NF EN 15567-1 / 2 and NF S72-701.

  • Have an annual phytosanitary control of the trees by ONF.

  • Check our courses daily.

The staff

  • Be welcoming and attentive.

  • Require our staff to be trained in first aid techniques (SST).

  • Specifically train our facilitators of the “Professional Qualification Certificate for Acrobatic Height Operator”.

The environment

  • Protect the trees from the cables with shims.

  • Guarantee that the park is operated without damaging the health of the trees.

  • Establish pathways to protect the trees and the vegetation.

  • Keep the site clean.

The continuous lifeline system.

The continuous lifeline system allows the user of a course to evolve without ever having to detach. From start to finish, it is 100% safe. 100% of the park is equipped with a ZAZA2 continuous life line (ZAZA 1 for babys) to allow you to evolve in full confidence.


The entire Branche Évasion park is equipped with the optimal system in terms of safety, CoudouPro, Zaza2 and Zaza1 (for babys). To find out more:

Zaza 1 et Zaza 2

ZAZA1 used for BABY courses

ZAZA2 used for all other courses (Juniors to Blacks)